OCB’s World Cup 2017!?

Hey Bastarts!

We’re thinking of doing another OCB World Cup in Dirty Bomb, this year!

We were hugely successful in our last World Cup in 2016, and we want your opinions on another one in October!

What do you guys think? Let us know!

The upcoming Horns of the Reach DLC game pack is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online for PC/Mac on August 14 and will cost 1500 crowns! Are you an ESO Plus member? Great news! Horns of the Reach is free with an active ESO Plus membership.

Horns of the Reach features two brand-new dungeons for you and three companions to explore and conquer as a group. These new dungeons will be available in both normal and veteran modes (including veteran Hard Mode for the last boss) and they will feature new rewards in the form of unique item sets, monster sets, and achievements.

The @DirtyBomb Twitter account just posted this intruiging tweet! Apparently, we’re getting something special next week! Be fast and check it out!

New PUBG patch lets you move while looting, adds destructible cabins.

Details of PUBG’s third major patch were revealed today, and include a range of changes to the way looting works, the introduction of two new weapons, rebalancing of weapon drops overall, as well as a handful of bug fixes and improvements to server and client optimization. The patch will arrive Thursday “if everything is stable” after a run through PUBG’s test servers on Wednesday this week.

OCB Turns 10 Contests

Hey Bastarts!

Since it’s our 10th birthday this year, we’ve been running some fantastic game nights every weekend this month.

Did you also know that we’re running some competitions alongside these events?

Here’s how you can take part:

It’s a Crabby World!

Take photos of Crabby, our mascot, around the globe!

Colour me Crabby

Draw or colour your own Crabby! Get your kids, friends and relatives to help!

So you think you’re Crabbit?

Send us a video showing your best embodiment of being a ‘Crabbit Bastart’.

OCB’s Got Talent

Are you talented? Send us pictures or videos of you performing, or draw a picture! Bonus points for the talent being OCB-related!

Down Memory Lane

Are you one of our long-standing friends or members? Send us your memorable moments of OCB! Photos, screenshots, videos or stories of your time with us!

All submissions must be sent to: contest@crabbit.co.uk before the 23rd of June! *

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got! Prizes will include 3D-printed Crabbies!

Also check our our schedule for this month at: http://www.crabbit.co.uk/ocb-turns-10/

* – Contest end-date may be subject to change, counting on how many submissions received.

Live Tonight with BF4

As part of our 10-year celebrations, we’ll be playing Battlefield 4 tonight! We’ll also be streaming it live on Twitch. So come along and watch us at http://twitch.tv/owldcrabbitbastarts